Windows XP Pro SETUP (Setup cannot copy file-s)

Discussion in 'Windows XP General' started by Techinc7, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. Techinc7

    Techinc7 Guest

    I was watching DVD on an HP dx2200 and all of a sudden the DVD stopped
    playing complaining of missing file. A few moments later after it was
    rebooted, the pc started malfunctioning completely - shurting down and
    rebooting all by itself. I thought the OS (WinXP) might be currupt so, I
    decide to format the hard drive and reload WinXP. Everything is fine until it
    gets to "SETUP IS COPING FILE" stage, usually at 11% of the process, and it
    just quit coping with complaint: "Setup cannot copy the file: dvdplay.exe". I
    hit "Esc" to quit the file (dvdplay.exe) and copy everything else but behold,
    "Setup cannot copy the file: kodak_dc.icm". So it goes on and on.
    With the feelings maybe the hard drive, WinXP CD, CD drive and its IDE cable
    could be the cause, I got another confirmed-working hard drive, WinXP CD, CD
    drive and IDE cable but setup still doesn't copy files.
    The funny part is I just bought the set of PC and everything seems falling
    apart already.
    Please, I need help with this! Somebody please, tell me what might be the
    cause and the possible solution to the problem.

    Thank you.
    Techinc7, Mar 26, 2009
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  2. Techinc7

    G. Morgan Guest

    It sounds like the installation media is damaged, are there scratches on the

    It also could be a failing optical drive.
    G. Morgan, Mar 26, 2009
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  3. Techinc7

    Techinc7 Guest

    I pulled off a confirmed-working CDROM drive from another working PC to be
    sure the cause of the problem wasn't from the optical drive but still not
    copy. The CDROM IDE cable was replaced with one from working PC; Non of the
    WinXP CDs has scratches on it... i also tried to install with and other WinXP
    CD to be certain the problem wasn't from the WinXP installation CD but still
    not copy.

    Any more help?

    Techinc7, Mar 26, 2009
  4. Techinc7

    G. Morgan Guest

    Bummer. How about copying the contents of the \i386 directory on the CD to
    the root of a flash drive, then running setup from there. You'll need to make
    the flash drive bootable first, which is relatively easy.

    You may also want to create a new XP setup CD using nLite and slipstream in
    SP3 (if your CD is pre-SP3).
    G. Morgan, Mar 26, 2009
  5. Techinc7

    Terry R. Guest

    The date and time was Wednesday, March 25, 2009 7:57:01 PM, and on a
    whim, Techinc7 pounded out on the keyboard:
    No solution, but just to tell you you're not alone. I have had that
    happen 3 times. One system I was able to finally get past it by sitting
    there and hitting Retry dozens of times on each file copy failure. The
    second one was a Mac. The third one is down for good, as it's cheaper
    to buy a similar replacement than to spend any more time on it. The
    CD's are pristine and install fine on other machines, and like you,
    known good drives don't make any difference.

    Good luck,

    Terry R.
    Terry R., Mar 26, 2009
  6. Techinc7

    George Guest

    If you "just bought" this PC then take it back!
    George, Mar 26, 2009

  7. Problems copying files or corrupted files during installation (even
    a Repair installation) are most often caused by defective, incompatible,
    or sub-standard hardware; in order of likelihood, either RAM, the hard
    drive, or the motherboard. On very rare occasions the CD drive or
    installation CD is the problem, but you seem to have eliminated this

    Start with testing the RAM. You might try MemTest86: It's free. Then you can download and use the
    hard drive manufacturer's diagnostic utility to test the hard drive. If
    both RAM and hard drive test out clean, check with the motherboard
    manufacturer for any diagnostic utilities.


    Bruce Chambers

    Help us help you:

    They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary
    safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. ~Benjamin Franklin

    Many people would rather die than think; in fact, most do. ~Bertrand Russell

    The philosopher has never killed any priests, whereas the priest has
    killed a great many philosophers.
    ~ Denis Diderot
    Bruce Chambers, Mar 27, 2009
  8. Techinc7


    May 17, 2010
    Likes Received:
    It is a memory issue

    I had 1GB (2- 512 sticks) in a dell machine and after taking one stick of 512 out it installed fine. you may have to limit to 512 to do install and then add more memory after setup. Could also be a defective stick.But most of the time when it does not copy files it is the memory
    koetsb, May 17, 2010
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