Windows workflow foundation question


Roar Jøssund


I have a workflow related question. WF books typically shows samples where
the workflow directly shows user interface to the user. I want to have a
smart client and a n-tier architecture. According to
WF should be in the business layer. Then it can't display any user interface
directory to the user.

So what should WF typically do in the business layer when it can't show any
user interface directly?
How should my business objects relate to the workflow?
Is using WF directly in the client an option and why/why not?

Best regards,
Roar Jøssund



Muthu Arumugam

As far as WF is concerned, it's a framework which can help you do workflow
related activities in the backend or middle tier. You can tie up your front
end to have a seemless integation for achieving transactional boundary
across your UI wizard features. Lot of times, you can have middle-tier or
db-tier components (custom) developed in WF and have the utilized for
development purposes.

UI is not the nature of WF. It will only help your UI to get a healthy exit
after the entire processing.


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