Windows Vista Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver



I have recently performed the installation of Vista SP1 to my HP TX1250ea

I am now getting an error message saying that the driver for "Bluetooth
Peripheral Device" is missing.

When you try and install an updated driver, it fails.

I am also now unable to connect to my desktop PC via the ethernet connection
and wonder if the two are related - ie network adapter driver problem?

The error dislog box says that the problem is caused by the network adapter.

I have used the HP download website to update all the installed drivers, but
this does not cure the problem.

The hardware ID is shown as:-


Any help greatly appreciated!



PS - If this is the wrong froum, apologies, but it is the fourth one I have
been re-directed to by Microsoft responses!
Oct 21, 2010
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bluetooth peripheral device driver for vista

I've had this same exact problem for a few days. Spent several hours trying to fix this issue, till I came across a post that finally gave me the answer.

The real score behind this is really simple: You can't find/install the correct driver simply because you aren't missing any drivers! The operating system just got confused by the fact that you have some bluetooth pairings saved in your bluetooth configuration.

To make it short, here's what to do:

1) Go to "Bluetooth Settings" window and delete all the paired devices. Try to reboot once because some of these devices would not let themselves be deleted easily. It will take more than a minute to delete them so try to be patient.

2) Delete the "Bluetooth Peripheral Device" from the "Device Manager" window.

3) Reboot. Voila. No missing device. No message to re-install driver.

Hope it helps. If still it didn't, and you need further information, just check this article about bluetooth peripheral device driver for vista

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