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Patty & John Anderson

I have a w2k computer at work that when I go to do security updates I get an
error message 0x8007041D. I can't get any updates. There is no anti virus
program on this computer yet. There are 2 other w2k machines on the network
that I had no trouble at all getting updates through windows update feature.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Sky King


Are you logged in with an Administrator-level account? First guess is that
security permissions are lacking.

Second guess would be that the BITS settings/permissions/services are being

Give this a try: on the Start/Run line enter "services.msc" (with or
without the quotes). Check that both the BITS and Automatic Updates
services are listed and set to Automatic. If not running, elect to Start
both those services. Exit the Services listing and give WU another try.

If you are unable to start those services (and you have Admin-level
permissions), probably best to check with your Admin folks to see what
policies they have going on.



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