Windows Update download fail



Using Windows XP SP2 embedded.

When trying to download and install the windows update (either Express or
Custom) the High Priority update fail when downloading. I am able to
download and install the optional software and the optional hardware
updates. I have manually loaded all of the updates (except for KB887742 as
a test) and the problem persists.

Any help is much appreciated

Bob Weeden
Washington School District MIS

Andy Allred [MS]

Bob, normally embedded devices are maintained by an IT department or the
servicing is performed by the company that sold you the devices.

XPe doesn't use Windows Update, while XPe uses the same files as XP Pro,
they still have some differences that make servicing XPe unique. For
instance, the reason why you're probably not seeing the changes take effect
is because it may be running the Enhanced Write Filter which discards any
changes on the device. You need someone familiar with maintaining XPe to
properly service it for you. Do you have that kind of service?


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