/adk34/ said:
Windows XP could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:

i found the solution on this page;en-us;307545

however when i come to part 1. step 5. it won't let me make directory
it won;t accept "md tmp" command

does any know why and how to get thru this? thanks

General alternative info, some of which you may have already tried, that may

Try a boot into Safe Mode, by hitting F8 just before the "Starting
Windows" screen would appear (takes a bit of practice).

If that does nothing, use a working PC to read this first...;en-us;q823614

Related info is here...;en-us;q307545
describes a three-step process to extract a copy of the registry
from the System Restore SVI folder.

Info on dealing with corruption issues...;en-us;822705

Reinstall/repair tutorials (if needed) are here...

After your system is restored, the ERUNT utility available here may
make it easier to fix the problem if it recurs...

If the problem persists, try swapping current RAM (even if it checks
good) for a single, high-quality 512Mb chip. XP reportedly is sensitive
to memory timing.

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