Windows Spoolsv.exe at start-up - How to disable?


Bob MacMillan

My anti-virus software on my new laptop
detects "C:\Windows\system32\spoolsv.exe" attempting to
access the internet when the computer starts up. I have
looked through all my new hardware or software on-line
registrations, and system set-ups that would call for
automatic internet connections, but cannot find the cause
for this item. If it were not for my anti-virus
software, I would have no knowledge of this item since it
does not give any error or warning messages on its own.

It is both a nuisance and a concern. A nuisance to hear
the anti-virus warning on every start-up, and a concern
that something on my new computer wants to access the
internet without letting me know what it is. Does anyone
know what this is about?

Also note that the .exe file is part of Spooler Subsystem
App v5.1. 2600.00

Thanks to anyone who can shed light on this annoying

Bob MacMillan

Chris Lanier

This would be the print spooler. If you want to print things from your PC
it is best to leave it on.

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