windows service with its own event log


John Grandy

Unless I make the account under which my Windows Service runs a member of
local Administrators, I get startup failures if I include the following code
in the OnStart() event :

EventLog.CreateEventSource("My Log", "Application");
EventLog appLog = new EventLog();
appLog.Source = eventSource;
appLog.WriteEntry("Test Log Entry",EventLogEntryType.Information);

Seems extreme to make a Service's credentials a member of local
Administrators ... any ideas ?

Bennie Haelen

Hi John,

In order to create a new Event Source, you need to be a member of the
Administrators group. One workaround is to have a separate program that
creates the source for you, then you can run just this program from an
admin account, and your service can still run under "non-admin" credentials.


Bennie Haelen

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