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For the past month the icon displaying the status of my windows security
centre has been a white cross on a red background indicating that there is a
problem. However, when I investigate further and open up the security centre
is says that it did not find an antivirus program when I have had Bullguard
protection and recently transfered onto Norton Antivirus. It also says that
windows defender is turned off but when I open up windows defender it says
that it is running fine and that the computer is fine as well. So I really
don't know why it isn't detecting my antivirus software and says that windows
defender is turned off. Can anyone help me on how to solve these problems?


Hi all,

I've just experienced the exact same problem as Daniel Hirons had in my
activated Windows Vista Ultimate Edition. I've been using activated Norton
360 for the past few months now with no problems so far, when earlier today I
was alerted with a Windows Security Center notification. I checked the
Security Center to find two red alerts: one relating to Windows Firewall
turned off; the other, to lack of virus protection as well as Windows
Defender turned off. This is strange as these warnings have appeared in spite
of Norton 360 on green condition, stating that my PC is being protected;
Windows Defender also gives a thumbs up, stating that my "computer is running
normally". This is the first time I have received such warnings and as I try
turning on Windows Defender, I am informed that there are no new updates
available at the moment and the program remains not functioning. So what I
did was I ran System Restore twice: one to the latest Windows Update restore
point; the other to the latest System Scheduled restore point. However, both
attempts have resulted with failure, saying that windows settings have not
been restored.

Just as additional points, I am quite a fan of utorrent and downloading
numerous programs, with caution of course, and my wife is quite an online
game addict. Most of the time I'm online, connected through DSL with an
Edimax router. Additionally, I have two other spyware protection (not
real-time) which I've downloaded from and run them rather
occasionally for safety.

I hope I will soon receive some help since at the moment I am quite loyal to
Norton 360. I could have transfered to ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 7.1
but I find that it takes too much time to load on startup and has caused me
to lose connection to the internet.

Thanks in advance for any help


Yes, that's exactly the same as what I initially got. It said that my
firewall was turned off so I turned it back on - and that sorted the problem.
However, I am getting the same problem as you with the windows defender
because Norton antivirus is saying that my computer is safe and windwos
defender also says that everything is working but I still get it saying that
there is no widnwos defender on the security centre. But to be honest why
should I have to unistall Norton Antivirus when I've paid £20 for it and it
says that it does work on Windows Vista?


If you are using Windows Live OneCare, then that will turn off Defender and
Windows Firewall, because it uses its own program for that. If you haven't
installed OneCare, then try this:

Right-click Command Prompt (in Start Menu\Programs\Accessories) and Run as
Administrator. Type (or Copy and Paste) the following command:

winmgmt /verifyrepository

If the system returns "WMI repository is not consistent", type this command:

winmgmt /salvagerepository

The first time you run this it will fail. It will issue stop commands to
the services causing it to fail (saying, "A stop control has been sent to a
service that other running services are dependent on"). It might take a
couple minutes for the services to shut down. Run the last command again.
You actually may have to run it 3 times before it finally runs and completes
on its own.



Thanks dean-dean for your response.

I've followed your instructions and have finally come to a point where I
receive a "WMI repository is consistent", having gone through the
"salvagerepository" step. This has helped in ensuring that the Security
Center recognizes Windows Defender as functioning. However, it has not aided
in recognizing Norton 360. As such, I am compelled to resort to security
freeware, as recommended by, such as Avast Anti-virus, ZoneAlarm
Firewall in addition to SpywareBlaster as well as Spybot - S&D. I still have
my Norton 360 product key should I wish to reinstall it though.

It very well seems that brink is right in saying that "Norton has been known
to cause problems with Vista." At present, the Security Center is running as
it should, reporting that I now have Firewall as well as Malware Protection.

Thanks to all who've helped so far


dean-dean said:
If you are using Windows Live OneCare, then that will turn off Defender and
Windows Firewall, because it uses its own program for that. If you haven't
installed OneCare, then try this:

Right-click Command Prompt (in Start Menu\Programs\Accessories) and Run as
Administrator. Type (or Copy and Paste) the following
winmgmt /verifyrepository

Forgivive myignorence how do you run it as, Administrator please


brink said:

After you right click Command Prompt shortcut, click "Run as



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Thanks I did the first command and it showed consistent so i did the other one to turn security center off then turned it back on but still defender showed it wasnt on although it said in defender it was ok , and still security center couldnt find my A/V but thanks for the idea it was worth a try


I have recently been unable to log on so sorry for not saying anything for a
few days. A day after installing my norton antivirus my computer would not go
onto windows and said that it was corrupt so I have had to install windows
vista all again and install all of my programs as well. A nightmare!


Hi PWD. You could try this.

Right-click Command Prompt and Run as Administrator (this is important), as
you have done before. Type (or Copy and
Paste) the following commands, pressing Enter after each one:

net stop winmgmt

cd %windir%\system32\wbem

ren repository repository.old

net start winmgmt

After doing these four commands, close Command Prompt. The commands will
force WindowsManagement to rebuild the Repository. Restart your computer.

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