Windows Product Activation


Ingi S. Skúlason

Dear sir/madam.

I installed a WIN2003 server last June. The box has been up and running
until last tuesday, I got this error when trying to log on:

Event Type: Error
Event Source: Windows Product Activation
Event Category: None
Event ID: 1000
Date: 23.9.2003
Time: 16:46:02
User: N/A
Computer: SQL-1
An error occurred while the wizard was checking the current Windows product
license. Error Code: 0x80040507

I activated the product during setup. Does somenone have an idea what might
be the problem?

Best regards, Ingi S.



David Bullock [MSFT]

Hi Ingi,
This error might occur if you have overly restrictive permissions set on the
WINNT directory. Make sure that Administrators and System have "Full
Control" permissions on WINNT, and make sure that the folder is NOT set to
"Read Only."

Also check the permissions on the root of C:, and verify that Administrators
and System have "Full Control."

This might also occur if the files WPA.DBL and/or WPA.BAK are set to "Read
Only"; if they are, uncheck this setting in the property sheet(s) for the

- David Bullock (MS)

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