Windows permissions questions



How do i install a program that requires adm rights for install AND make it
available to all users that have only "user" default permissions. I want a
user to be able to have full permissions for this program but I don't want
this user to access or browse any other computers on the workgroup network



Steven L Umbach

Most applications will require an administrator account to install. Installing
requires write or modify permissions to the program files folder, system folder, and
parts of the registry that regular users have only read/list/execute access. Once
installed most applications will allow regular users to use them. Of course if the
user needs to save files they will need to have a folder to write to of which they
could to their My Documents folder in their user profile.

You may not be able to prevent users from "browsing" other computers in My Network
Places, but you can control "access" to shares on workgroup computers by restricting
users access via share and ntfs permissions. The link below explains permissions in
more detail. --- Steve;en-us;308418 -- most applies to
W2K also. W2K does not have simple file sharing. -- most applies to workgroups also except
that user account management is not centralized but managed by each computers local
user accounts.;en-us;301281 -- for workgroups.

Karl Levinson [x y] mvp

Depends on the program. That information is best gotten from the
manufacturer of that software, or from their web site or support groups.
However, yours is a common request, so hopefully there will already be an
answer somewhere. Have you tried it? Are you sure the program doesn't work
this way already by default?



Kelly Schutt

How many users are on your network? If it's just a few it might not be
the most efficient solution, but if you have many users or even more than
10 or so it will save you a significant amount of time. Use WinInstall LE
to package the programs you want into Windows Installer packages (.msi
files). You can deploy these over the network using Active Directory
group policy. The software will install either automatically or on demand
(you can place a shortcut on the users desktop for when they want to
install it), and the installer will run with administrator privileges. To
use WinInstall LE you take a before snapshot (one button click, in the
software) of your registry and data, then install & configure the
software, and take an after snapshot that will package it into a Windows
Installer package.
Alternatively, you can create a windows share that contains the software
and modify user login scripts to map the share as a drive. Check google
for more info on either of these.

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