Windows PE, RIS, & Intel Pro 100 VE?!


Glenn Fincher

Got a load of new Toshiba laptops with the Intel Pro 100/1000 VE NIC, and
have had NO luck updating Windows PE with the NIC drivers! I load Windows
PE from RIS, and I have tried adding the drivers under the \I386 folder as
indicated in the WinPE.chm file, but no joy! I keep getting the message
that there is no driver found for the NIC.

I have successfully created a Ghost boot disk for the NIC, but need Windows
PE to work from RIS - it is my principal deployment environment.

Any ideas? Thought I'd ask here before going through support chanels -
usually is fastest, especially over the holidays!

Glenn Fincher
(e-mail address removed)

Johan Arwidmark

You are not alone....:)

MVP Scott Baldridge has a step-by-step for Intel Pro100 VE and RIS

Some other resources...

RIS-Specific INF files for use with Intel 10/100 Network Adapters on
Windows* 2000 RIS images.

Stop Error When Performing a RIS Install of a PRO/100 VE

Johan Arwidmark

Windows User Group - Nordic

Glenn Fincher

I am using Server 2003, though it should not make any difference; and
following all this advice still does not work! I am thinking about removing
WinPE and reloading from scratch on the server. - hoped that I wouldn't have
to do that, but... seems the only way to get it running again...

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