Windows networking just cut out one night...



Hello everyone,

Any help might be appreciated here. I am running Vista Ultimate x64.

So one night, I'm using my PC, and then I turn it on a few hours later, and
the windows networking is essentially not functioning.

My motherboard contains two NICs (Nvidia nforce 10/100/1000 Mbps which are
vista x64 compatible), which have had the latest drivers installed. When I
plug in my network cable into either port, I get:

Currently connected to: Unidentified Network
Access: Local only

I tried to ping my file server (running on linux) but it had 100% packet loss.

So then I thought it might be a switch/router/cable issue. I connected my
room mate's laptop to the same network cable, disabled the wireless, and
everything is functioning the way it's supposed to. The internet fired right
up, I was able to ping the file server. The file server has a steady
internet connection.

This essentially eliminated all the hardware from my network cable all the
way out through the router. FYI, I have the network cable connecting to a
netgear switch, from there, another network cable to the apple airport
extreme router, which connects to the gateway.

I have attempted the following things as well:
Disabling/re-enabling each network device.
Disabling one device while trying to connect to the other.
Booting up in safe mode with networking.
Using the windows network repair.
Trying to re-obtain a DHCP ip address from my router (this is what's not
happening here that is preventing everything else).
Frequent reboots.

I looked through the errors in my event viewer and have found the following
errors have happened recently:

Unable to initialize the security package Kerberos for server side
authentication. The data field contains the error numbers.
Event ID: 15016

Service Control Manager Eventlog Provider
The following boot-start or system-start driver(s) failed to load:
Event ID: 7026

DCOM got error "1804" (3 times and error "1068" once) attempting to start
the service (going to just list them all: WSearch, fdPHost, EventSystem,
ShellHWDetection) with arguments "" in order to run the servier {yadda yadda
Event ID: 10005

more HttpEvent errors...

That's really about it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Stand down red alert.

I didn't do once basic thing. Power off and switch off the power supply.
Did that, started up again, network connected right up.


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