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Windows messenger (4.7) is on my Windows XP computer. I prefer to use MSN
Messenger and recently downloaded the 7.0 version. I have chronic problems
signing in, and with automatic singing in - especially error messages saying
I am already signed in to another .NET account. I have had to change
passwords numerous times. I have unchecked the Windows Messenger atomatically
start box - but this seems to do nothing. People find me online when I never
signed in! (but didn't know because I had removed the icons from my desktop &
WINDOWS MESSENGER. Is this possible?

Torrey Lauer

Windows Messenger cannot be uninstalled since it's a part of the OS (I
believe). Have you logged on to Windows Messenger, and gone into the
options to uncheck the options for starting up when Windows starts up?

If you have, check the startup folder to see if it's in there. If it is,
delete it from the startup folder. If that doesn't work, then try
downloading and installing Windows Messenger 5.0. Sign into it, go into
options, unselect the start automatically when Windows starts up options,
and see if that works.

If those don't work, and I've noticed sometimes they don't, you'll have to
go into the registry to delete the registry key out of the startup, BUT,
that is not something I'm actually suggesting to you if you've never been in
the registry before. Deleting something by mistake in the registry that
shouldn't have been deleted can cause your computer to crash.

Torrey Lauer
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Jonathan Kay [MVP]


If you really want to completely disable Windows Messenger, you can simply uninstall it but
by doing so, Application Sharing, Whiteboard and Remote Assistance (within MSN Messenger)
will no longer function.

If this is fine with you, just remove Windows Messenger again by closing down Messenger if
it's running (right click the messenger icon in the notification area/system tray and click
close). Then click the start button, then click Run and type in (copy-paste if you like):
RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\INF\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove

Then click OK.
Messenger will then be uninstalled. For more detailed instructions and screenshots, go to,
Jonathan Kay
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