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I have ripped songs from various albums to a Folder under
Documents/Music/?Classical/filename. They have alll gone into that file and
I have deleted the album and artist folder. All songs are there as a regular
album. The problem I am having is when I go to Windows Media Player the
first song is under the file name. The rest are singlar albums with the
created blue square. I do have another created album with all songs on one,
but cannot find a way to may all go to the one with the filename. Help!

zachd [MSFT]

Right, my question was somewhat rhetorical because playing the resultant
file would fail pretty miserably. Try it. =)

If you're trying to do "joins" on any multimedia file type, you really need
to use the appropriate tools. "copy" is not a particularly valid choice. =)

zachd [MSFT]

That sounds like the metadata settings are incorrect for those songs... ?

What file types are these?
Have you verified in Advanced Tag Editor that the metadata for those songs
are correct?

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