Windows Media Player wants to play my MP3 files



I just got a new XP machine and it has Windows Media Player but when I click
the icon it tries to install and says that it is going to be the default
player for everything. Well, I don't want it to play my mp3 files because I
have a player I'm comfortable with. I try to uncheck the button for mp3 and
it says I have to have administrative privaliges to do that so I signed on
as administrator and went through the install process but when I went back
to my regular username and tried to play a .mpe file (which is the reason I
needed the media player in the first place) it tried to install again and
still wouldn't let me uncheck the mp3 box.
So there are at least two possible solutions to this: 1. find a way to turn
of the mp3 check box for a user without administrator privileges or 2. find
another player for .mpe files.
Anybody got any ideas?


There should be several tabs along the top (actually if I remember right
it's in a drop-down list). Go through these and you'll find one where you
can select which file extensions will use Windows Media Player. If nothing
else let it install and you can always select later which program you want
to be associated with your mp3's. You do this by right-clicking on one of
your mp3 files, select 'Open With' and then 'Choose Program'. Select the
program you want to open mp3's with and be sure to check the box that says
'Always use the selected program to open this kind of file''


I agree. Install Media Player first then go back afterwards to
Tools/Options/File Types tab and uncheck MP3 and then make sure mp3 is
checked in the player you want to play mp3s with.

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