Windows media player problem



I am sorry I write this group though I know that there is a group for
Windows Media Player but I am sure it is not guilty in my problem . I have
PIII, 1 Gb, 256 Mb memory, Windows XP pro, WMP9, ZoneAlarm firewall, eTrust
WMP does not play files (*.asx) from some Internet URL. It advised me that
file was either corrupt or Player
did not support format (0xC00D1199: Cannot play the file). But:
1. It plays them OK if I first start RealPlayer to play them, WMP tackled
them and then start playing them.
2.Some period of time after installing Windows XP on the computer it worked
well with the same URLs.
3.Sometimes but very seldom it played these files.
4.Windows Media plays these files.
There is a patch in the Microsoft base that used to fix analogous
problems-it did not help.

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