Windows Media Player 11



My WMP 11 was working just fine, then the automatic security updates
installed KB835935. Media Player now stops playing audio and closes down
after a few seconds. I did a sys restore, didn't help. I uninstalled
KB835935, that didn't work either. I uninstalled a few programs that KB info
said could interfere with WMP 11 even though it was working just fine prior
to KB835935.
That was a waste of time. I tried removing WMP through add and remove
programs, it can’t remove it as it’s part of windows. It said it will
install the previous version on WMP, I clickek on OK and when it was finished
I got a message saying WMP 10 is not compatible with this version of Windows

So here I sit confused and starting to get very angry, and WMP 11 is now
junk. As far as I can see this KB835935 has caused a ton of problems on
hundreds of computers and I don’t want to pay Microsoft to correct a problem
that they caused, as far as I can determine.
Help help or shoot my computer please.
Thanks , Slowspeed

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