windows media player 11 burning



I am having the following problem when I try to burn a cd.
I drag my play list to the burn cd window pane.
When I click the burn cd button I get a message that says, "Please insert a
blank disc in CD Drive (E:). Once Windows Media Player detects the new disc,
it will automatically start burning."
But I already have a blank disc in the E drive.
Then the CD E drive tray opens up, I close it and then the window for the E
drive opens up, blank.

I think that the media player is not recognizing that there is a blank cd
the E drive.

If anyone has had this problem or any suggestions on fixing it please let me

Jim S

I am sorry that I do not recall the details, but I had the same problem,
and it turned out that another program had the drive with the blank CD "in
use". I hope that helps even though it is so vague. I am not sure but I
think it was RealPlayer. I think it was only visible the system tray.
Good luck with it.

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