Windows Media player 10



I'm running Windows XP Home Edition and I have a problem with WMP 10 popping
up on startup. I tried several ways to get rid of it but it won't go away.
Can anyone help me please? Thanks.




Places to look:
start/all programs/startup.........if its there delete it
start/run........type in "msconfig" hit enter............hit the startup
Tab......if its listed uncheck it and reboot


Are you sure it's not an option under MP10 itself? There's alot of tabs in
the options window and it could be well 'hidden' :)



Ramesh, MS-MVP


From WMP Mini-FAQ:

If WMP is launching at the start-up of your system, this is likely because
3rd party trojan spamware has infected your system. "iedll.exe" for some
reasons registers WMP to launch on system start-up - possibly to cover it's
own tracks? Regardless, get and run the (free) LavaSoft AdAware anti-spyware
software (or SpyBot anti-spy software, or the dedicated
CoolWebSearch/iedll.exe killer program), which will clean up iedll.exe. Then
you will want to go to
"HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run" in
regedit.exe. There you will likely find a value name entitled "loader" (OR
MAYBE SOMETHING ELSE - malicious software did this to your machine, so they
try to hide themselves). If this has the data value pointing to
wmplayer.exe, delete this registry value. If AFTER CLEANING YOUR SYSTEM OF
SPYWARE you still are having this problem, you should be able to use
MSConfig to figure out where WMP is being loaded at, and turn it off.

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