Windows mail shuts down when "Insert" - "File Attachments" is sele


David Diesel

A new problem with my windows mail started on January 16,2009. Up until that
date my windows mail flawlessly without any major issues. After that date, I
am now not able to send e-mail with attachments to any recipients.
The problem started after I sent a movie file to a group of e-mail
recipients on the 16th. I successfully sent the movie file, then tried to
re-send the same movie file to a different group of recipients and this time
when I selected "Insert" - followed by "File Attachment", my Attachment
folder opened for a brief instant, then immediately shut down. I have read
several threads attempting a fix to this problem, however, nothing has worked
yet. I tried to delete the old e-mail account then add a new e-mail account
with the same settings, hoping that might fix it, but it hasn't. I have also
installed Windows Live and noted that an envelope appears in the upper right
corner of my windows live messenger screen, however, when I select the
envelope, it opens my Windows Mail program and the same results appear.


Gary VanderMolen

Not sure what you mean by "installed Windows Live" since that is the
group name for a whole suite of programs, see
Did you install Windows Live Mail? If not, doing so may correct your problem.
To upgrade to Windows Live Mail:

Incidentally, which antivirus are you running? Some of them are not
fully compatible with Windows Mail. AV problems often don't surface until
an update occurs.

David Diesel


I am using Norton 360, which I have had on this computer for over a year.
Up until the January 16 incident, Windows Mail has been there every day
working flawlessly for me. I will upgrade to Windows Live Mail per your
request. Does the program operate or look any different than the Windows
Mail program? Will I be able to import all my current contact information
and substantial folders of architved and current e-mail information?

Thanks again,

Dave Diesel

Gary VanderMolen

Windows Live Mail will automatically import all your WM accounts,
settings and emails. Contacts sometimes have to be imported manually,
but that's very easy. If it turns out you don't like it, just uninstall.

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