Windows Mail and Live Mail



HELP! I am trying to receive my emails provided by my ISP (G-mail) through
Windows Mail.
I've tried using Windows Live Mail Beta but am still having major problems.
I get the following error message:
Unable to send or receive messages for pop.(ISP).com (1) account. The
connection to server failed. Server pop.(ISP).com Windows Live Mail Error ID
0X800CCC0E Protocol POP3 Port 995 Secure (SSL) Yes Socket Error 10060
If anyone can help me with this I'd be really grateful, thanks.

Gary VanderMolen

Two comments.
Gmail is not an ISP. They are a mail service provider.
Looks like your actual ISP is

Since you have obfuscated the server name in the error message,
we have no way of checking the correctness of your settings.
Also, the error message looks paraphrased; it should always be
a verbatim copy so as not to miss any diagnostic clues.

Gary VanderMolen

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