Windows Live Messenger Login Info - How to transfer saved Login information?



I do not know remember all the passwords to Windows Live Messenger
since its been stored automatically. I have to transfer login
information to the Windows Live Messenger accounts to another laptop.

Where does Messenger save this information? Is it a certain fil that I
can copy?

I know there must be a file or something, because when I am
un-installing Messenger and then re-installing it afterwards, my
accounts and passwords are still there.

Please help me..


PA Bear

You can post your query to this Windows Live Messenger-specific newsgroup:

On the web:

In your newsreader:

There are free utilities out there which can find and display such passwords
but I don't feel comfortable posting links to such utilities in the public
newsgroups for security reasons. <w>


Thank you for your help. Could you please send those to my email:
(e-mail address removed).

Thank you

PA Bear skrev:

N. Miller

Thank you for your help. Could you please send those to my email:

Why? Can't you download, or save the message from Google Groups?

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PA Bear said that he know of some free utilities that can solve my
problem, but for some reason he doesnt want to post the links here.
thats why i asked him if he could send them to my email, but for some
reason he doesnt want to do that either.

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