Windows Installer - "A portion of the folder path '' is invalid"


Andrew Wiles


I have created an installation package in VS .Net. All works well if I use
the default installation path. If however I change the Installation path the
following message is shown.

"A portion of the folder path '' is invalid. It is either empty or exceeds
the length allowed by the system"

If I ignore this message the software installs correctly anyway.

I have done very little customisation to the installation package and
because the Windows Installer is pretty opaque have no idea where to start
looking for the missing value.

Any ideas?

David Guyer [MS]

What are you using for the installation path? Are you changing it in
Visual Studio or during the install itself?

Andrew Wiles


Apologies - I have only just picked up your reply.

The problem is during the install itself.

Andrew Wiles

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