Windows ICS for Port Forwarding?



First, the setup:

Location A> 7 computers running XP Pro SP2, 1 computer running Win2K.
The computer running Win2K is the computer used for ICS. There is no
router. The cable modem is plugged directly into the Win2K computer. The
Win2K computer is double-homed (it has two network cards) and via the
192.168.X.X local subnet on the 2nd NIC, the internet is shared via the ICS
feature built into Win2K. Therefore the Win2K PC has an external, static IP
and acts as the router. The other 7 computers have internal 192.168.X.X IPs.

Location B> Any XP computer at a different location connected to the Internet.


Configure Win2K ICS at Location A to forward the appropriate ports/data to a
computer on its network with an internal IP so that we can connect remotely
to that computer via Remote Desktop.

With a router this is fairly simple to do. How can we accomplish this with
ICS instead?

Second, the task:


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