Windows Explorer crashes (nearly)



I have just installed Windows XP (in parallel to Windows 2000) and it
works well with one strange exception.
I open Windows Explorer with folder list on the left.
When I open a folder with about 5000 files on the right side, I get the
content in a couple of seconds.
But when I click on the same folder on the left side everything freezes
and even Ctrl-Alt-Del doesn't work. But if I wait long enough (over 6-10
minutes) suddenly the task manager appears telling that Explorer is not
working. I close the task manager (without killing Explorer) and after
another minute finally Explorer shows the content of the folder and
everything seems to be OK again!
Clicking on folders with a smaller quantity of files gives no problem.
I repeated the same test in Safe Mode and got the same result!
Somebody can please suggest me how to solve this problem?


Download the registry fix at line 79

Next apply the following settings:
Explorer\Tools\Folder Options\View\uncheck; "Automatically search network
folders and printers".. Apply and Exit.

You may also want to configure the Explorer view and remove a column or two
and only leave what you really need... Go to Explorer\View menu\Select
details\and uncheck what you don't need.

And also consider removing some visual effects in Control
Panel\System\Advanced Options\Performance\Settings\ and check/uncheck the
visual effects settings you really need.

***** charles

all of that sounds complicated, I thought I could do a couple of
keystrokes to get the menus to show up?



It's not complicated, if you follow the instructions I gave you, word by
word, you won't find it complicated at all and you only have to do a change
at a time, try the registry fix first, and the others three later if you
need to. Download the registry fix and it will take only two keystrokes...
and possibly a restart.



Dear Ronaldo,

thank you very much.
Now things have improved a lot: after clicking on the folder on the left
side explorer still freezes, but now pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del it takes only
2 minutes for the task manager to appear!
Do you have some other suggestion?

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