Windows Explore stops working if "third party browser extensions i



Windows Explore stops working if "third party browser extensions" in IE 6 are
enabled. For example, installing the Google Toolbar in IE 6 enables third
party browser extensions, and prevents explorer.exe from working. Does any
know of a fix or work around? Thanks.

Ramesh, MS-MVP

What exactly do you mean by "stops working"? Perhaps an error message is
displayed when you try to open Explorer? One of the Browser Helper Objects
may be blocking the functionality. Note that BHOs load with both
iexplore.exe as well as explorer.exe instances. You may use any of these
following programs to determine which BHO is causing the problem.

ToolbarCop :
BHO Demon :

Ramesh, Windows XP MVP

"3rd party browswer ext. stop explorer.ex" <3rd party browswer ext. stop
(e-mail address removed)> wrote in message
news:[email protected]...



Thanks for your input. Explorer.exe will not load. No error messages. It
just does not load. But, I believe that you have properly identified the
issue. (e-mail address removed) sent me the following:

Anyway, regarding the "third party browser extensions" are known as Browser
Helper Objects (or BHO). IE6 has a nice way to mange them.

1. Select Tools | Internet Options
2. Click the Programs tab
3. Click Manage Add Ons

You can enable/disable each one.

I disabled three of the "suspicious" appearing BHO's and everything appears
to work without a hitch.

Thanks again very much for your reply and assistance.

Kenneth Ching

Ramesh, MS-MVP


Glad you've pin-pointed the culprit. BTW, are those BHOs legitimate ones, or
the ones that you don't recognize. If the latter, it's a good idea to
follow-up with Malware cleanup.

Ramesh, Windows XP MVP

"3rd party browswer ext. stop explorer.ex"

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