Windows Desktop Search don't index Outlook 2007 messages



I used to have Office 2007 Beta 2 and Windows Desktop Search (WDS) 3
beta, and they worked perfectly together.
I would love to use X1, but ti doesn't support office 2007 yet. I'm
using WDS meanwhile, and I'm OK with it.

However, when I uninstalled Office 2007 Beta 2 and install Office 2007
Enterprise RTM, it prompted me to install WDS 3. I downloaded and
installed it, and since then, my e-mail data is not indexed.

I have an Exchange Server mailbox, and additional 6 pst files I work
with. In the tree of selection in the WDS options screen, I see all
these mailboxes, but can only check them, and not open them to choose
to select to index only specific folder in the pst file.

In any case, I left all Outlook mailboxes checked, but when I look at
WDS Indexing Status, it says it only found 7 items, and indexed them
all - this took less then a minute.

However, almost no message is found in Outlook. When I ask Outlook for
its indexing status, it says it has more then 48000 e-mails waiting to
be indexed. What's going on?

I tried to uninstall and reinstall WDS, but to no avail. Leaving
Outlook running for several hours didn't help either.

Can anyone help me solve this problem? I really need my e-mails to be





After several times I started Outlook again, things some how worked
out, and it is OK now.
It might be related to the fact that yesterday I was conecting from
home, and today I was connected in the office.

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