Windows Defender Delta Engine Update: 1.1.4104.0 /


Tim Clark

A rare Friday update :-O

Defender is updating both it's Engine and it's Defs:
Engine Version: 1.1.4104.0
Definition Version:

Looks like it is one of those Delta/Engine updates we heard about :)
Now to be referred to as a mpas-fe_bd I guess?

Note, the CalendarOfUpdates site is in error. It seems to take them a
couple of days to realize when an Engine update has occurred so they still
list the Old Engine version while showing newer Def versions.


Bill Sanderson


(as it happens, one of our household pets is a 14 year old beagle whose name
is "brown dog" --given her by our son when he was 6--or "bd" for short--so I
can think of these updates as "brown dog" updates, I s'pose...)
We also have a tiny hamster who is at least 3 years old now, and a brown
Havana cat who is about a year old.

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