Windows control library


Alistair George

I want to create a custom control (already have it working by calling it
up as a form object) but want it to be available to my other programs -
its just a timed messagebox. I searched google to how to do this (my
first foray into this area) and found the following limitation on my
visual c#
Microsoft says: 'Note The Windows Control Library template is not
available in the Standard Edition of Visual C# .NET. For more
information, see Visual C# Standard Edition Features.'

Can anyone advise how to point me to the information which describes how
to take a portion from one solution, and make it useable by other solutions.
Thank you. Al.



Marc Gravell

It is only the *template* that isn't available... you can still code
it. You can do most of .NET/C# in notepad and cmd if you really want.
Basically, all you need to do is copy your class(es) to a library
project (aka: dll), or even simply change your current project to
library in the project properties. Then you can reference this dll
from other .NET assemblies.


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