[Windows CE 5.0] PlatformNotSupportedException when using french collation on MSSQLServer2000



Hi everybody,

I've got big trouble in this time. To manage our warehouses, we have
bought a set portable terminals (PSC Falcon 4410) with Windows CE 5.0

We developp an application (C#, CF2.0 SP1, VS2005) which have to
connect a distant MS SQL Server2000.

Our databases are with the collation 'French_CI_AS' and we try to
connect from the terminal with the application, the
PlatformNotSupportedException is thrown.

I think, we clearly identify the problem and it is : "WinCE 5.0 doest
not support French Localization that's why we got the
PlatformNotSupportedException". Despite this case, a sql connection to
a database with a 'Latin1_General_BIN' collation works perfectly.

My main constraint is that I cannot modify the databases collation
(because all the rest of our applications are designed for it). For
the moment, I'm completely stuck with this problem.

How can i bypass the problem ? If someone knows, I ll bless him.
Thanks a lot.

Best regards.




Ilya Tumanov [MS]

You have to either switch collation on the server or get localized device
which has support for French locale.

See this for more info on what's going on:


Best regards,


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Thanks for rou response Ilya. I follow your advice and contact the
german manufactuer (not enjoying speaking deutsch ;-) ). By chance, he
provides me a specific firmware for my device which accepts my
specific database collation. Now he works perfectly.

Thanks. Best regards.

Damien W.

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