Windows Can't Check for Updates



That is the message I get from the icon in my Vista tray. When I try to
manually check for Windows Updates I get the message that I need to

"first install an update for Windows Update"

When I try to install that update for Windows Update, I get error code
80070643. There is a lot written about Windows Update error 80070643 having
specifically to do with restarting the Office Source Engine for Microsoft
Office 2003. HOWEVER, I do not have Microsoft Office 2003 installed on my
system and this is not my issue!

I simply want some help with getting my system updated. I am quite fearful
at this point that I am vulnerable to all sorts of attacks considering that I
haven't updated Vista for about 6 months now. This is not good.

Is anyone else having this problem. I can't be experiencing this alone.

Please help!


i had this updateing problem months ago..and what i had to do.was go down
load the udater manually and install it and then it started would not automatically down load this and install it.had to be
done manually.


Thanks very much. I appreciate the response. Can you point me to a specific
place that I should be going to download this updater. What is the exact name
of the updater that you are citing in your message?

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