Windows Applications with C# & Ebooks?




I have started to learn C# nowadays and find some ebooks on the structure
and the syntax of the c# language. All the examples in the ebooks that I've
found are all about console applications. But the my aim to learn C# is to
make windows applications. I am familiar with ASP, Javascript, a little C
and C++. Last day I saw an example of windows application written with C# ,
I think I can learn constructing windows applications using C# without
writing all the console application examples that books cover.

Is that true that I can learn constructing windows applications without
learning how to write consolo applications with C#. And if any, please make
recommendations about ebooks or books that teaches visual programming with

Thank you?



Andreas Håkansson


Sure you can teach yourself to write WinForm applications without
writing console code first. The idea with console code in books is that
they are dead easy to use so they are ideal to illustrate concepts, such
as teaching language features.

Instead of having extra lines of code just to show how to do a simple
things such as a cast or use a certain class, you only need the example
code. Setting up a WinForm application required much more code.





Mark Broadbent

Bought a book recently (though not read it yet -just browsed thru) called
Windows Forms Programming in C# by Chris Sells (who is a good guy).
It looks to be pretty good.
Hopefully will sit down and read it soon!



Mark Broadbent
mcdba , mcse+i

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