Windows 7 Dual boot



I installed temporarily Win7 together with my XP installation on a mini
notebook (No CDROM). Then I deleted the Win7 partition and left only XP as
it used to be. However, the Win7 Boot manager was left and I couldn't
configure it from within XP.

I did the following:
Copied the bootmgr file from C: to temp. and deleted it, hoping that the 3
default boot files of XP will take over (boot.ini, ntldr, etc.) but they
didn't. At boot, I was getting: BOOTMGR not found.

I tried to boot with NTFSDOS and recover that file but I get Access Denied.
It seems that things that seem extremely simple are the most complicated
after all.

Is there any way I could first recover my notebook and preferably get my old
xp boot loader?

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John John - MVP

You can use the Windows 7 Bootsect.exe utility to change the boot sector
so that it points to Windows XP's ntldr:

x:\Boot\Bootsect.exe –NT52 All

Where x is the drive letter where the bootsect.exe file is located.

See here:

Another alternative would be to use a third party tool like VistaBootPRO
to make changes to the boot sector.


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