Windows 7 & BCM



After upgrading from Vista to Windows 7 my Business Contacts Manager wont
Messages read:
BCM for Outlook could not connect to the shared DB. Do you want to wrk off
line (Y N)
Cannot expand folder. The set of folders cannot be opened. Store not


It's working for me now! Here is the order I had to do things in--and I tried
many. Keep in mind I am only a single-user of Office Pro 2007--I'm NOT
dealing with remote connections:

1. Install BCM for Outlook 2007 (choose Run Program when you get that
compatibility dialog), but do NOT run Outlook yet. (I had to uninstall and
reinstall because I ran Outlook before #2 below.)
2. Run Windows update and install the latest service packs for SQL Server
2005 and BCM.
3. Start Outlook and run through the initial BCM dialogs.
4. Run SQL Server Surface Area Configuration, and add yourself as an
Administrator for MSSMLBIZ. Exit this utility.

After completing these steps, I was able to restore my backed up BCM
database under a clean Win7 installation. Hope this helps!

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