windows 7 add on for wp 2002


charles arnett

I am using Front Page 2002 with windows 7 and it works but I have to hit
escape after loading a page. I get a message that I need something from
Microsoft. Does anyone now what I need? I am using windows 7 home.
charles j arnett



Andrew Murray

What is the "something" it's asking for - what errors do you get? FP 2002
is probably almost too ancient for Windows 7. FP 2002 is no longer
supported by Microsoft, so you won't get help from them. The forums and
sites below from what I briefly read of them, also generally suggest Office
2002 (including FP2002) is not fully compatible with Windows 7. Office
2003/2007 and FP2003 are compatible with Windows 7.

I found these sites on Google that discuss the issue of FP2002 and Windows
7. Whether your particular issue is addressed - that's up to you to read
some of these resources:

I wonder if Win 7 Home has the "XP Mode" (virtual PC thing) - perhaps using
that, you can get FP2002 to run.


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