Windows 2k Install Error



Ok, i have an AMD Athlon 2800+ and 3 GB of RAM, 80GB IDE and 160 GB SATA.

Now here's the problem. With Windows 7 and Vista Ultimate installed fine and
working for the past couple of days, but now i realize i need Windows 2000. I
thought there may be an issue, so i had a look ,and found loads of guides
about this, only for XP, so i figured it might work with 2000, but i can't
even install it.

I can run the CD and install the files to the partition fine, but when it
comes to booting? After the restart the BCD is corrupted and needs to be
repaired by the Win 7 or Vista disc, so with that fixed, i boot into 7, turn
off the BCD, and try again, it still gets corrupt. So i try downloading a BCD
edtitor that allows XP to work with the Vista manager and set the BCD to read
the 2000 partition to install, cannot boot. So, i decided to attach a
completed installation of 2000 from a VHD and copy it to the drive, and
setting to boot from BCD, i havn't tried this, but any safer way to do this?

I really need 2000.


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