Windows 2003 File Security



I know this is a win2000 sectuion but their is no 2003 section ..
How do i prvent users from creating more fodlers on a network share but
still allow them to create files ??
I have tried modifying the registry as follows but with no luck.
"Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\
Select Shares and all of the folder's subkeys.
Go to Security | Permissions.
For the Shares folder and each of its subkeys, grant the Read permissions
(at a maximum) to the Everyone group and all untrusted domains, and click OK."

please help !!!

Karl Levinson, mvp

I think you need to change NTFS file security and not Share security by
right-clicking on the root folder that contains all the other folders where
you want to restrict access. Select Properties, Security, Advanced.

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