Windows 2000 pro - Start-up



When initially starting or re-booting my Windows 2000 pro O/S, it starts
with a page that continually pops-up, once it loads all my wallpapers,
icons, etc. what keeps popping-up is a windows explorer folder, and all the
sub-folders within it.

How do I stop this from continuously popping-up every I start windows?

Thank you


The same thing is happening to me. I start up in Safe Mode every time, even
though I don't invite SM. I have to go into "display" and change graphic
settings each time I reboot, that fixes the Safe Mode until the next boot. I
get a messqage at start up that .ini cannot be found or entry either. When I
start up my Registry Cleaner,hardware found, internet security, and any
other programs I have been working on for the past month pop up in my face.
I have system .ini probs,boot.ini probs, many many many hungapps, printer
won't accept new driver, Internet Exp cannot display ths page, and you name
it. What in Heavens name will I do? Thank you.

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