Windows 2000 DC to Windows 2003 DC



Hope someone can assist me in getting a backup Domain Controller out
of the domain.

Here is the setup 2 Windows 2000 servers and 1 2003 server.

1 2000 server is Domain controller and all that with exchange 2000.
2 2000 server is the backup domain controller and is the problem child
right now in removing it from domain.

Trying to get everything to a 2003 domain controller for the exchange
2007 which is on a seperate server.

But I am trying to use DCPROMO command and have tried the force
removal command also.

Keep getting a error message of "The security database on the server
does not have a computer account for this workstation trust

I have tried the NTDSUTIL command to get things going.
Now it is just a pain and just want it off the domain but can't remove
the computer itself yet.

Does anyone have any advice in getting ride of this?

Meinolf Weber

Hello tmmiller,

So you have one domain that contains 2 2000 DC's and 1 2003 DC and one member
for exchange 2007? Please clarify the setup if i am wrong.

Also since 2000 theire is no PDC/BDC concept, you have just DC's and FSMO

Best regards

Meinolf Weber
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