win98 crossovered to xp home problem?



2 isolated PCs conected as above also
tcp,f&p sharing installed,set private 192 adresses, no dns
dhcp,disabled firewall,Guest non-restricted-anonymous accounts on both
(also tryed making normal same name accounts),lmhosts&netbios-over-
tcp enabled(is it needed?),
w98 node type-broadcast,xp node type unknown,
xp services started (workstation, server, tcp netbios helper,comp
browser,..),shared folders on both(share level access control on w98),

now errors

can ping w98 cannot ping xphome
xp: (fast switching enabled)
-net view->'list of servers for workgroup not available'
however net view w98pc shows shared folder on w98
-guest xp account does not have network neighbourhood link anywhere
so with admin level user account ,trying to view workgroup in My
Network Places gives
'<workgroup is not accessible you might not have permission.... list
of servers for this workgroup is not currently available...'
-net logon service on xp cannot be activated(stops upon manual start)
-no local security policy option in admin tools
-net view->'the pc sharing resources in workgroup cannot be located..'
-"Unable to Browse the Network" When You Click Network Neighborhood
-other password, button not available in control panel/passwords

any input appreciated?


poster said:
no dns dhcp

You are using static IP addresses for all your intranet hosts? You
don't find them using hostnames?
Guest non-restricted-anonymous accounts on both

Do you have the guest account disabled in Windows XP? The above (which
is difficult to decipher due to excessive condensing of text) only says
the accounts are defined, not whether they are enabled or not.

See The Guest
account is also described in the Microsoft KB article at Here they conflict with their
advice above by recommending to NOT disable the Guest account. However,
almost every security scanner checking for hardness of your host will
tell you to disable this account because of default of not having a
password to login. All tell you to create a normal user account (i.e.,
a limited user account) instead of using the Guest account.

Also read:

Until I read the above, I couldn't figure out why file sharing ceased to
function between my host OS and a guest OS in a virtual machine (and I
had to resort to using VirtualPC's shared folder feature which is part
of the VM Additions install). If you decide to enable the Guest account
and turn it on, be sure to set a STRONG password on it.

"Tips for creating a strong password"
tcp enabled(is it needed?),

How else did you expect to use Ethernet?
can ping w98 cannot ping xphome

Are you pinging by IP address (192.168.x.x) or by IP name (hostname)?
xp: (fast switching enabled)

FUS (Fast User Switching) only relates to having multiple Windows
accounts currently opened. Nothing to do with networking.
-guest xp account does not have network neighbourhood link anywhere


"By default, the Guest account is disabled in Windows XP Home Edition
and in Windows XP Professional."

- yet -

"When a computer does not join to a domain, the Guest account serves
several special functions that relate to security and to network

So you have a account named "Guest" on your Windows XP host - but is it
actually enabled?



1. Check the firewall settings on windows xp.Firewall will disable
"ICMP" protocol,that may return the ping cmd host not found error.

2. Setup a new network on the windows xp. To set a new network option
should be there on accessories with a small home as icon.

3. Add it to workgroup such as MSHOME .. or as you like,try to make
the two computer on the same network.

4. Create a folder with everyone full permission for testing.

5. Try to access the shares for both the computers.Mean try to access
the xp share from 98 and vice versa.

Hope this will work...

Thanks & Regards
Melbin Mathew


In message said:
2 isolated PCs conected as above also

In Other're trying to network w98 & wXP with a
THeres your problem right there.
Get a proper router and use that.
I spent the bettr part of a week trying the crossover cable approach
and wound up reading MANY forums to see if its possible.
Final Answer: sometimes, but usually with errors and dropped connections.
w98 was'nt ment for networking.

"I believe there are more instances of the abridgement of freedom of the people
by gradual and silent encroachments by those in power than by violent and
sudden usurpations.... The means of defense against foreign danger historically
have become the instruments of tyranny at home."
-James Madison

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