Win95 / 98 logon error



When attempting to logon to our Windows 2000 (SP4) Active
Directory Domain we receive the message "The share name
was not found. Be sure you typed it correctly". We only
receive this error when logging in as users with mapped
drives & logon scripts, logging in as Administrator
presents no problem. All Win2000 clients are logging in

Deleted & re-inserted the Domain name into the 95 / 98
clients, after rebooting they logged in fine. However upon
the next reboot the identical problem appeared.

Any ideas?



diasmith [MSFT]

Hi Don,

Go into Services and check that the Netlogon service is running and set
for Auto start.

Re-start it here which will also do all of its dependency services as well.

For good measure also reboot the DC, and when it comes up be sure the
Scripts folder is shared out.

Other things to do
1. When client complains, do a net share on the DC to ensure the scripts
folder is there and it is shared out.

Thank You.


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