win2kpro stop error 0x0000007B


william murry

I am at my wits end. For the past 6-7 hours I have been trying to rectify a
problem with win2kpro and a blue screen stop error. Nothing I have attempted
has worked.

After trying to upload sp4 unsuccessfully and uninstalling it things were
working fine this morning. I shut down the system and turned it back on only
to recieve the stop error 0x0000007b <parm,parm,parm,parm>

Now when this says inaccessible boot device it really means it. I have
verify the bios setup to be correct, I have attempted to restart in every
conceivable mode, i.e., safe etc. I have tried repairing by booting off the
win2k cd but nothing recognizes the C drive. I even got to the point of
trying to reinstall win2k over the old one but again the C: drive is not

I have Partition Magic 8.0 and I can boot off of it but can not make a MBR
update. I can see the drives and partitions on the hard drive but
accessibility is not possible. I really do not want to reformat this HD, the
cost of lost files would be immense.

I did, BTW, make an early win2k rescue disks but as luck would have it, it
is unaccessible.

What alternatives do I have with this problem?

bill m.




Erie how similar this is to one we had today. Our disk was
SCSI and would "verify" as a good disk, but wouldn't
recognize the disk when booting off the Windows CD and
trying to get to Recovery Console.

I once had a situation like this where I used Norton Ghost
to another identical hard drive. Doesn't make sense, but
the Ghosted drive worked fine. It wouldn't have to be
Norton Ghost. Try any imaging software to see if it'll
recognize the drive. I know it makes no sense, but
grasping at straws, it worked.

If it doesn't work, try slaving the device in another
working computer to see if you can access the drive. If
you can, you should run CHKDSK /R on it.


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