win2k VPN connection problem



I have setup a vpn server. A client set the connection type is "persistent"
connect the vpn server.
and set the connect drop then reconnect. But the client is behind the
firewall, the firewall have set
the access internet time is 9am to 9pm, so the connection of client and
server will lost at night.

The client's administrator know the connection is lost next day, he wants to
reconnect the vpn
server, but the vpn server refuse the call. The VPN server need to restart
and let the client connect
again, then all Okay. why? I don't want to restart the vpn server every
How to solve??

Chetan Raghavendra [MSFT]

Hi Kelvin,

I have a couple of questions:

1. what is the error message given by the client when you try to reconnect
in the morning?
2. Do you see any everntvwr messages on the server when this client tries to
connect to it?
3. Does the VPN server accept calls from any other client?

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