WIN2k login as differnt user

May 30, 2008
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I have a win2K system (5.00.2195 Service pack 4) that is called CODING. I login as mho. One night the system did an automatic update and rebooted itself. The next day when I logged in the desktop was all clear. when I looked into it ther was a directory
E:\Documents and Settings\CODING.mho
that I am getting logged into and there is still a directory
E:\Documents and Settings\mho
but I don't see how I can login to get to that profile.

The system only has a user with the name mho (there is no CODING.mho in the user list under user administration). It is almost one day the system decided that it is a part of some netowork and is using a network registry.

Question: How do I get to be my old self again on this machine?

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