Win2K error msg "stop:C0000218 Unknown hard error"


R Harris

I just finished rebuilding a notebook computer - reformated the hard drive
(NTFS) and installed Windows 2000 Pro. Installed a couple applications
finishing my work for the day - yesterday.

This morning I start up the machine and get the following message:

Stop: C0000218 Unknown hard error
Unknown hard error
Beginning dump of physical memory
Physical memory dump complete.
Contact your systems administrator or
technical support group.

What is this message referring to? A hard disk problem?

I have since tried to restart the machine and have not had the same problem.
By the way, I have to return this machine to its rightful owner - my dad -
in good working order. He has little tolerance for when everything does not
work just right.

Any advice on how this might be corrected would be appreciated.


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