win2k dhcp issues two types of ip


Colin Nash [MVP]

IP addresses in the 169.254.x.x range are automatically assigned by Windows
when it is unable to get an IP from a DHCP server. So your problem is
connectivity between those machines and the server. The workgroup is

Check the network cables used by those two machines and make sure they are
being plugged into the proper ports on the hub. (i.e. make sure you aren't
using the uplink port with a standard patch cable, and if the uplink port is
being used by something else, the adjacent port may be disabled depending on
the design of that hub. There may even be a switch to toggle a port between
standard and uplink. Uplink is generally used to link two hubs together so
they act as one.) Windows 2000/XP will usually report when a network cable
is unplugged but don't rely on this because it can be fooled :)




I feel like I'm missing something obvious - I hope someone here ca
I'm working with a network of 1 server and 3 workstations, all runnin
win2000, using a d-link dfe-816 fast ethernet hub. The server and wkst
1 can see each other, wkstn 1 can surf the web and the server, bu
cannot see the other 2 wkstns. The server can't see those same tw
wkstns either. Wkstn 1 is set up to use dhcp, and receive, subnet and gateway/dhcp/dns numbers. Th
server is and subnet But, when the othe
two are set up to use dhcp, they get totally different ip
( for one and for the other) which make
them invisible on the network. I tried assigning ips to them whic
conform to the server's 192.168.1.x structure, but they are stil
invisible, and when I select the dhcp option for them again, they ge
the exact same wrong ips as before. Why??? The only additiona
information I can think of is that the network card in on of th
'wrong' wkstns was recently replaced, but I don't understand why
second wkstn which had been disconnected for a few weeks is having th
same problem. All wkstns are on the same workgroup. The two proble
wkstns can't ping each other either. I'm new to win2000 networks an
I'd REALLY appreciate any advice




Pegasus \(MVP\)

The addresses you see get assigned by Win2000 when
it cannot reach the DHCP server. I suspect you have
a firewall issue somewhere, or perhaps a cabling

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