Win2000 loaded in a Compaq notebook



I upgraded my Compaq notebook from Win98 to Win2000 Pro
and have had nothing but trouble. At first I couldn't
connect to the Internet because of lack of some drivers.
Once I acquired the drivers I started downloading Win2000
service packs/updates/etc. While I was loading service
packs I crashed again. I had to restore to Win98, upgrade
to Win2000 and load the necessary drivers again. Now I can
connect to my ISP but I can't connect to the Internet. I
hear an audible "click" but I get "unavailable" error
messages. I tried downloading patches to floppy from
another computer but I couldn't run on my notebook because
of no Internet connection.Any help would be appreciated!

Lanwench [MVP - Exchange]

Can you ping anything? Your public DNS server's IP address? An Internet

If it were me, frankly, I'd just install w2k from scratch - if you have
only an upgrade version of W2k, you should be able to use your W98 CD as a
"qualifying product" when prompted (won't work with a bundled OEM version,
note!!) Make sure you have handy: the NIC drivers, display drivers. Then
download & install any other needed drivers.

Upgrades in place suck, if you ask me. :-(

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