Win200 box can't see anything on the workgroup it's in



I have a home network with two machines, one an XP Pro box and the
other a Windows 2000 machine.

After working flawlessly for a long time the machines no longer can
'see' each other.

I am able to ping each machine from the other.
Internet connectivity works for both boxes
My Tivo box can see shares on the XP Pro box
My XP Pro box can see the shares on itself but not shares on the 2000
The 2000 box can not see shared folders on either itself or the XP
Pro box.

If I'm on the 2000 box and I go under My Network Places-->Entire
Network-->Microsoft Windows Network I can see the name of the
workgroup but no shares appear under that.

File and Print Sharing is enabled in my control panel.

I've rebooted both boxes as well as my router. I've tried changing the
workgroup name on both boxes.

Any ideas?

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