Win XP not seeing my DV camcorder


Steve Fleet


Everything used to work fine but done the christmas family video thing, gone
to get vids onto PC and when I plug IEE1394 lead into PC, then turn on
camcorder (Canon MV650i) nothing happens. Gone over to XP SP2 since last
successfull capture, does anyone know of this issue?? Camcorder works OK on
still image trough the memory card via USB (note this connection does not
work for moving images through the tape).

Any help would be very much appreciated.




i am having the same problem. the computer only recognizes my camera every
other try or so and then when it does recognize it..... it only does so for a
few minutes and then closes the connection. it was working fine a couple
months ago then all of a sudden the computer doesn't recognize the device. i
give up for a week or two and replaced the fire wire thinking that maybe that
was the problem. then it works again for a couple weeks and just a couple
days ago it reverts back to the same problem. i know that i was promted to
update just recently and i'm pretty sure my latest problems are a result of
the recent update and the timing seems right for my update to sp2 when i
first started having problems. any help or ideas would be much appreciated.
i'm going to try and uninstall and reinstall the firewire card. i'll post if
it fixes the problem.


Problem most likely got nothing to do with your firewire connection but with
You can try to overwrite the SP2 firewire drivers in
windows\system32\drivers with the SP1 drivers extracted from windows\driver
Driver names to replace are :
and maybe (not sure) also nic1394.sys

If this doesn't solve your problem, you can always copy back the SP2 drivers
from windows\driver cache\i386\SP2

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